You should contact the roadside assistance company by calling the number given to you when you rent the vehicle. If your vehicle needs to be replaced, you should contact your headquarters or the emergency number given to you when you rent the vehicle.
The pickup can be done at one of our pick-up points.

  • Athens – Airport
  • Athens – Port
  • Kalamata – Airport
  • Kalamata – Port
  • Kalamata – Central

Please contact our headquarters to inform the appropriate department. If the item is actually found in the vehicle or station, we may send it to you at your own expense at an address to indicate to us. This service is not charged. Keep in mind that shipments abroad are usually charged quite high than courier services.
Infringements and administrative fines are borne by the driver. You must pay the offense before the end of your lease and provide us with the proof of payment. If there is no time limit, we can pay the offense with the following conditions:

  • you submit the violation to our headquarters
  • you pay the offense to our headquarters
  • you pay any charges for this Car Moto Rental service

In the event of non-payment, Car Moto Rental reserves the right to disclose the driver’s details to the competent authority (Police, Tax Office) in order to ascertain the violation.

Contact your Car Moto Rental headquarters as soon as possible for instructions on how to proceed. Please note that Car Moto Rental does not deliver second car keys to your location. Therefore, you must come to our headquarters to receive the second keys. We would like to inform you that no insurance of Car Moto Rental covers the loss of keys. You will be informed by our headquarters for the cost
Tire change is at the responsibility of the driver. If you encounter a problem during the change, you can request assistance with road assistance. You may be charged for this service. Under no circumstances is Car Moto Rental obliged to go to the point where the car with the broken tire is located. Damage to tires is the responsibility of the driver.
You can cancel your booking directly on our site by entering your name, last name, reservation number and email address when booking.

If for some reason you can not cancel via our website, you can send an e-mail to the info@carmotorental.gr booking department and we will do it for you. Please include your reservation number.

All bookings are made in a specific category and not in a particular model. In the event of non-availability of a confirmed booking, Car Moto Rental reserves the right to provide the customer with a larger car without the driver’s charge.
Each driver must present a valid and original driving license at the start of the rental. The applications for renewal of a diploma registered by the Ministry of Transport are accepted but not the patent losing declarations even if the declaration has been made to the Police Department.
The minimum age is 21 years and the maximum is 75 years

The driving license must have been issued at least 12 months before the start of the rental. Non-EU nationals are required to produce an international driving license along with a valid national driving license.

The driver must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as delivered to him as indicated in the rental contract.

In case of returning the vehicle with less fuel, the difference will be borne by the driver as well as any refueling service charges. There is no refund or a compensatory move if the vehicle is returned with more fuel.

If you are going to travel to another country then you should inform Car Moto Rental in time to add the special cross-border insurance. For costs, you can get information from our headquarters.
We offer 2 hours extra time from the pre-determined return time. If the return time is beyond this limit, an extra car rental day will be charged.
Car Moto Rental does not deliver vehicles to points other than service stations.

However, we serve exceptionally and as a matter of priority special requests after we have informed the reservation department. You can be informed about the costs at our headquarters.

No money is refunded once the rental has started.
You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the agreed delivery of the vehicle. If you cancel your reservation in less than 48 hours, Car Moto Rental will follow the cancellation policy below:

  • If you cancel your reservation in less than 48 hours, the charge is 55.00 €
  • If you cancel your reservation in less than 24 hours, the charge is 70.00 €
  • If the prepayment amount is less than € 70.00, there will be no additional charges or refunds.

You are not eligible for any No-Show refund.

The No-Show cases are as follows:

  • you want to cancel and inform us when your rental is almost ready to start
  • you did not appear in the agreed place and time for the start of the rental
  • you did not present the required supporting documents at the start of the rental
  • you did not present a valid credit card in the name of the driver who has money to freeze the guarantee amount

In the event of a traffic accident, the driver must immediately notify the Police immediately after Car Moto Rental. Emergency phones and more information will be given to you at the start of the rental.
Contact the Car Moto Rental headquarters directly and then go to the nearest Police Department for the necessary theft statement. It is important to present this statement as well as the car key at the Car Moto Rental office.
The basic security of Car Moto Rental will cover damage to third parties up to the amount stated in the vehicle’s insurance policy. For the height of the covers you can get information from our site.
None of the provided insurance of Car Moto Rental covers the following:

1) wheels – tires
2) interior of the vehicle
3) lower part (chassis)
4) damage to the vehicle due to driving outside the asphalt pavement
5) damage to the vehicle due to refueling with the wrong type of fuel
(6) administrative fines for road traffic offenses
7) any damage in general to the Let’s Drive vehicle or third party vehicles or to persons or property thereof due to Driving of the Let’s Drive under the influence of prohibited substances or alcohol.

If you have purchased an additional insurance / cover from your credit card or from the travel agents / brokers where you made your reservation, please note that this insurance / coverage is NOT directly provided by Car Moto Rental.

Therefore, you are liable to pay the amount of the guarantee and in case of damage to the vehicle, you will be charged the amount of the guarantee (guarantee) and then claim the refund from the company that has purchased your insurance / cover . Car Moto Rental will provide you with the required supporting documents for the above procedure.

We accept up to a cash limit for the payment of car rental. You can find out about this limit from our headquarters.

Please note that for car rentals at Athens Airport and Piraeus port stations, payment can only be made by using a credit or debit card.

The driver must present a valid credit card in his name at the start of the rental.
Payment can be made by debit card, VISA credit card or MasterCard. Diners Club and American Express cards are not accepted.
For all charges made after the return of the vehicle, you always receive an e-mail message in the e-mail that you state when booking.

Some of the most common reasons for these charges are: </ b>

  • Damage to a vehicle not covered by the safety and could not be controlled upon return, eg under the chassis or wet seats. </ li>
  • Too dirty vehicle </ li>
  • Imposition of fines by Traffic Police or local authority. </ li>
    </ ul>
We encourage you to book online for speed and cost. You can also make a reservation by phone but note that booking through our site has a 10% discount.
Just let us know when you make your reservation with the details you need to issue an invoice or let us know during the rental period. Issuing an invoice is not possible if we have received the vehicle and we have not been informed in due time

  • Collision Damage Waiver insurance with liability insurance of the insurance company according to the category of the vehicle. </ li>
  • Unlimited Kilometers </ li>
  • Road Assistance </ li>
  • Current local taxes (VAT) </ li>
  • Replacing a car in case of a failure. </ li>
    </ ul>
If you decide NOT to choose FDW full insurance coverage of Car Moto Rental, then we will need to block your credit card from a guarantee. The amount of the warranty will depend on the category of vehicle you have selected for your rental. The guarantee will be released after 7 to 15 days after the end of your rental period (depending on your bank) if the Car Moto Rental vehicle is returned in the same condition as delivered to you. Please be informed by our headquarters of which stations of Car Moto Rental require a credit card in the name of the driver INDEPENDENT by the type of security.
To extend the rental period, you must go to one of our offices to obtain the new lease. It is not possible to extend your rental by phone. Can not expand through our website.
You have the option of upgrading provided you inform our headquarters in good time and always depending on availability in our fleet. Additional charges may apply.
On our website you can see your reservation and add or change the extras. If you need to change any other details, you will need to contact the reservations section by email info@carmotorental.gr, indicating your reservation number and the details of the changes you need.
If you wish to return the vehicle in hours off the office, please inform our headquarters at least 24 hours in advance. Our booking department will let you know if this is possible for the hours you are interested in, as well as for the charges incurred.
No, this is not possible. However, you can book more than one vehicle, but there must be a different main driver for each vehicle and must be present at the time of pickup.
You must make a reservation at least 24 hours before the vehicle is picked up.
If you wish to add a driver during the rental, you must go to the nearest Car Moto Rental office and include this person in the contract by submitting his valid driving license. You will be informed by our offices of any charges. Please note that the insurance will not cover incidents caused by unauthorized drivers.
When you make your reservation, you can add additional drivers. Each driver must be present at the pickup of the car and show a valid driving license and any identification documents that are required of him / her.
When making your reservation you can choose any of the 3 different types of child seats to cover the different age groups. For the safety and comfort of your child, you have to rent your car with a child seat corresponding to the child’s age.
To help you find your way and save time, use one of the GPS devices we provide to choose the best route to your destination. You can find out about the cost from our headquarters.
No additional storage space may be installed on the roof or other part of the car. We recommend that you visit our site to see the capacity of each model. In our website we offer a wide variety of vehicles that can satisfy any requirement.
Yes, there is this possibility, as long as you inform us when making your reservation. You can find out about the cost from our headquarters
You can return the vehicle to a different Car Moto Rental station provided you inform us when making your reservation. You can find out about the cost of our site.
It is not feasible to add FDW or change the type of security in general during rental.