Suzuki Alto

Start from 25,00€ / per day
The new Alto loves the city as much as you do. Dynamically, the new Alto wins with its ability to adapt to your needs.
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Ford Fusion

Start from 45,00€ / per day
A luxury car, ready to meet your every need. Automatic for greater agility in the city and travel comfort!
2010 Petrol Oil Automatic 65000 Rent It

Toyota Aygo

Start from 40,00€ / per day
Life becomes more exciting when you go where your mood drives you. Spacious, flexible and compact, the new AYGO moves comfortably in the narrowest streets.
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Nissan Note

Start from 40,00€ / per day
With small-sized dimensions and spaciousness of a larger model, the Nissan Note brings out urban usability, combining it with spaces for a small family, while the diesel version enriches its charms with considerable economy.
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Opel Vivaro

Start from 85,00€ / per day
The credibility is embedded inside, but Vivaro's exterior shows its crumbling character with its wide, steady push and imposing style. Show off your professionalism.
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Peugeot 207

Start from 35,00€ / per day
The Peugeot 207 was a B-class city car, produced by the French automaker Peugeot, between 2006 and 2012.
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Skoda Citigo

Start from 45,00€ / per day
The new CITIGO with a new, modern appearance and features is perfect for your day-to-day travel to the city.
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Scoda Fabia

Start from 40,00€ / per day
The new FABIA is an impressive car that will excite all the city's explorers as well as young families.
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Kia Picanto

Start from 35,00€ / per day
The new Picanto in its top sporting and sporty GT Line version is an enjoyable everyday car.
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Hyundai Sonata

Start from 65,00€ / per day
Sonata Hybrid Limited adds more features to the list of equipment such as automatic emergency braking, lane retention, wireless charging and heated steering wheel.
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Ford Fiesta

Start from 30,00€ / per day
Technology should always have a purpose. When you put your new Ford Fiesta in front, you put forward a whole range of advanced features and systems.
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Fiat Punto

Start from 30,00€ / per day
The city car which is modern, modern and youthful. Always! Basic and dynamic lines for a stylish compact car.
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Chevrolet Matiz

Start from 25,00€ / per day
With a radically renewed look and improved road performance, the smallest Chevrolet model is one of the best value for money proposals in its class.
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